Thursday, May 3, 2007

Carothers Road Barn (watercolor) 7x4.5 $60

Carothers Road dairy barn between Nolensville and LaVergne TN. I painted this last year. Good thing I did because it's gone now. Progress razed it.


Brothergrimm said...

Man, you and watercolors should get married in a civil ceremony!
I love how you capture not only the subject, but also the quality of the day inside the painting.

C. Ousley said...

HA! Thanks bro. David Millard's book "The Joy Of Watercolor" helped me a lot. I like his approach and spirit. It's on my required reading list.

Tom Kidd said...

You have a great skill for capturing the full feel of light. I see it even in this simpler, light-wise, piece. This is very, very nice when you see it big.

You've got me hunting around for some McCullough Partee art. A friend of mine used to organize dinners with the WWII era illustrators here in CT. A lot of those guys live in Westport and surrounding areas. They always have great stories. I should document some of those stories and put them up on my blog. Thanks for that story by the way.

Cooper Dragonette said...

Terrific painting here Chris. Reminds me a bit of Wolf Kahn's pastel sketches of farm and industrial buildings. Have you seen them? Great light and space in this one.