Monday, April 23, 2007

Hume Fogg Niche (oil 11/14) $250 SOLD

This is a little decorative detail on the side of Hume Fogg High in Nashville. The school was built in 1912 with another wing added in 1916. An illustrator named McCullough Partee (1900-1990) graduated there in 1918. I was able to meet him in "88 and he and his wife invited me and a friend over a few times to their home. He was happy that we loved the old illustrators and showed us his art, talked about the old days, old illustrators he met and gave us some sound advice. Also we both were volleyball players. He in the 20's and me in the 80 & 90's. I have the Hume Fogg 1918 yearbook. He is in it and did the drawings for it. He really liked Leyendecker when he was in school. Everytime I pass Hume Fogg I think of old Mac.

Saturday, April 7, 2007

Out sketching today

Was out and about Nashville on a chilly Saturday. Here are a couple of pencil sketches that ended up on the scanner. One is of the old Werthan Factory building that is being converted to lofts and condos. Going to be a nice sturdy place. Steel frames. The other is a ? plant down by the Cumberland River. After about 20 minutes a security guy politely told me I had to leave. I was parked in front of a Metro building. Some pencil pusher in the building called and must have thought I was an insurgent in a Mazda. I showed the security guy what I was doing and that I was gonna head on home. He was ok.