Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Outhouse (watercolor pad 8/5)

Fun to paint but thankfully I did not have to use this outhouse. Email if interested in buying $50

Market in Lascassas TN (watercolor) *SOLD*

I like this little market in Lascassas. Chilly day. (8/5 inch Watercolor pad)

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Sketch Pad

This is my favorite sketch pad. The 9/12 Aquabee Super Deluxe 808. David Millard writes about this one in his book "The Joy of Watercolor". The paper has nice texture and heavy enough to take all kinds of watercolor washes.

Waldron Road Barn (wc)

I mailed my Christmas package today. I thought I would have to wait in line a long time, but the PO folks were fast at the Hickory Hollow PO. I still had plenty of time to sketch this barn that will soon be gone. I got home and watercolored my sketch. Oh yea, there was a hawk perched on the barn checking me out while I drew. I wish he would come over to my house and eat those damned squirrels that eat the suet and bird seed. I say squirrels are just bushy tailed rats with good PR.

Sunset near home *Sold*

I was driving home and and saw this sunset. Got home and did this little watercolor. A little gouache was used for the oncomong headlights. 5/7 inches. Email if you are interested in buying. $15

Monday, December 18, 2006

Nolensville View *Sold*

A quickie late afternoon watercolor from the car in Nolensville on Rocky Fork Rd.

McMinnville Plant (acrylic 5/7)

This is a part of a plant in McMinnville TN. A nice crisp fall day.

St. Johnsville Building

St. Johnsville is a neat little town. Plenty of old homes and buildings to draw. Be sure to visit Parkside restaurant. I believe Dr. Sodhi has an office in this building.

Smoke Shop

A place called Smoker's Friend in Canajoharie. I don't smoke, but I bought a cup of joe and sat in my car and drew their shop while drinking my coffee.

NY Sketches

Details of an old building in Little Falls that is on the river. I may do a painting of it.

Upstate NY sketches

This is what is left of the old aqueduct in Little Falls. It's good to carry a little sketchpad around. Here are some sketches I did in St Johnsville, Canajoharie and Little Falls NY. People like the way I talk up there. By the way, the best pizza I have ever had is from a place in Palatine called Gabriana's. Pay them a visit and eat some pizza.

Friday, December 15, 2006

A.J. Green House watercolor

This is the old A.J. Green farm house in Nolensville TN. It is still standing but not for long. McMansions are starting to enroach. I expect to see it razed each time I drive by. It's up to we artists and photographers to record them before it's too late.

Old farm Home *SOLD*

Look around and you will notice all the old farms and homes are dissappearing. This one I painted last winter just got bulldozed to make way for a subdivision. Caruthers Road was a pretty drive in Lavergne. Not any more...

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Main Street McMinnville TN *SOLD*

A fall day in McMinnville TN. McMinnville is a great little town. I have met a lot of nice folks there. Check out the coffee shop on Main Street as well.

Viola Farm "oil"

Plenty of nice subjects around the McMinnville/Viola TN area

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Sun Lit Lemon, Oil 4/5 *SOLD*

Sun Lit Lemon oil 4/5 inches $30.00 If interested in buying email me.

Bank of Centertown built 1919 (acrylic)

I always see this old abandoned bank on my way to McMinnville TN. No money left in there, I checked. I wish someone would fix it up, it would make a nice shop.

3 Spires on Broad Nashville TN. *SOLD*

Oil 8/10 $30 If you would like to buy this please email me.

Viola Church of Christ (acrylic) *SOLD*

Viola Church of Christ, Acrylic 8/10.
I have always enjoyed painting and drawing old Churches and structures. Plenty of good ones here in Middle TN.