Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Viola Church of Christ (acrylic) *SOLD*

Viola Church of Christ, Acrylic 8/10.
I have always enjoyed painting and drawing old Churches and structures. Plenty of good ones here in Middle TN.


jeanie schlump said...

There used to be a church similar to this in Rock River, Wyoming. After the Interstate bypassed the town, highway traffic dwindled so much that gas stations, cafes, & motels all died. And as jobs dissappeared, so did the people. About 30 years later, as if to add further insult to injury, the mother church in Laramie decided its subsidiary in Rock River was costing too much to run, so the church was taken from its foundations & moved to the Wyoming Territorial Park, a museum area in Laramie, Wyoming.

Kevin said...

I am the minister of Viola church of Christ. 1) Thank you for the rendition. It is sold I see if the owner would like history of the building, they may email me

Kevin said...

If the buyer would like history on the Viola church of Christ they can email me at