Thursday, May 22, 2014

Nashville Arcade Post Office (acrylic 9x8 on canvas"

This is the Nashville Arcade Post Office right across from the Corvidae Collective Gallery and Shop in the Arcade. It will be in the 9x9 Show with a host of other artist's works for the next Nashville Art Crawl in June. Visit

Shady Retirement (acrylic on masonite 9x10)

This vintage truck has seen better days. A nice shady spot is well deserved for this rusty old chevy truck. I plan to add this to my spot at Corvidae Collective at The Nashville Arcade.

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Hume Fogg Doorway and 2nd Ave and Church St. in Nashville TN

Here is a Hume Fogg entrance on the 8th Avenue (aka Rosa Parks Blvd) side. Students have been using this since 1912 I think. 
 The other one is at 2nd Ave and Church St. in Nashville TN. Ink and add figures at home. I used a Copic Marker on this as well as my dip pens. I left the pencil shading in. I like using those fat and flat carpenter pencils to shade quickly.