Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Red Roof (oil 5x7) *SOLD*

Reading about Kevin Menck trying out the "Zorn Palette" inspired me to give it a go. The Zorn palette is Ivory Black, Yellow Ochre and Red. (Plus white of course) I used a Napathol Red. A fun go with this palette and it's good to keep in my arsenal.
This is in Viola Tennessee except I made the roof red instead of green. There is a corn field before the house. I could not get that corn stalk green so I just made it grass.
Check out Kevin's Blog It's well written plus he has some fine work posted.


Kevin Menck said...

Oh, yeah, your greens look much greener than mine. I just have to figure out to put those colors together in the painting to make it work better. I am trying to decipher some Zorn paintings now trying to figure out his methods a bit more.

C. Ousley said...

That was as green as I could get. Putting that red roof in really made a difference. The black, red and white made a nice grey violet as well. That helped the green along.
I don't have a Zorn book, so I will peruse his works via google.