Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Old Store On Beersheba Hwy (oil 7x5 panel) *SOLD*

This old store is near Irving College Tennessee on Beersheba Highway. Between McMinnville and Beersheba Springs. I would like to go back in time, gas up for cheap and get an ice cold RC Cola there. There is a little lake out back with a nice view of the Tennessee hills. I don't know when it closed but it's a cool little building.

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David Goodman said...

Another beautiful piece.

By the way, are you part of the "Untitled Nashville" group? I just joined and they're a great bunch.

They put on good shows, too. I sold a piece at an event they held two days ago. It was a blast.

Whenever you're free, I'd love to buy you coffee and talk art. You can reach me here: david (at) goodmanshow (dot) com.