Monday, March 19, 2007


Had a good time jamming with my friend Matt Bach yesterday at his studio. He sure can play guitar well, even over my crappy organ and Moog lead. ;-) I got there a little early and sketched these scenes from my car. I just did a oil of the little sketch on the left. There is a dogwood tree in bloom at the end of the road.


W. K. Moore said...

Sketches - where the rubber meets the road. Don't know if you've ever seen the famous artists course from the 50s... it's the best instructional series I've ever seen. I bought a set on the internet for 80.00. Those old school guys really hammered sketching.. and taught solid drawing principles.

C. Ousley said...

Yea, I bid on one a couple years ago and was snookered at the last minute. I love the Arthur Guptil series. The rendering in pen and ink one as well.
I like sketching with those fat carpenter pencils you get at Home Depot. Those are a MAN'S pencil. It really impresses the babe's when I draw with that. ;-)