Monday, March 12, 2007

Gouache Sketches (7/6ish scrap)

Mucked around with my gouaches before bedtime. The moon is from the memory banks. Full moon by a lake I saw a good while ago. The town lights were glowing on the horizon. Looks like that mountain is another version of the acrylic I did way down the page. I don't know what the hell the firey blob is above it. I want to work on more stuff but I am getting sleepy. I have a tendency to stay up too late.


W. K. Moore said...

Stay up too late.. that is my life's sacred joy.. something happens in those hours.. Those are great sketches ... gouache is a joy when you get the knack.

C. Ousley said...

If I didi not have to get up early to go to the salt mine I would work all night. I have always worked better late. Not a morning person.

Michael Pieczonka said...

nice little studies Chris.. you have a knack for gouache by the looks of these.